Creator’s Turmoil

Creator’s Turmoil is an abstract short animation which explores the relationship between artist and commercialism. The ideas of an artist are innately personal and unique, as that is what often motivates themselves to pursue a concept or conceive of one in the first place. Such artists often inspire other artists and potential artists to create new work, and thus lies the beauty behind the free and limitless system that is art. This relationship is what occurs between a single artist and another, however, and therefore to make something that is objectively relatable or “marketable”, the freedom of the artist is often stripped away.

As someone who likes to create work based upon my own curiosities and discoveries myself, I find this relationship between art and commercialism to be troubling as much as I understand it is realistically necessary. Creator’s Turmoil is an attempt to reflect upon this relationship by following the narrative of an ellipse representing an individual artist.

This project was selected as one of ten student works to be shown at the annual UCLA Arts “Winter Gathering”.

Software Used: Adobe AfterEffects